Observing your python applications
10-06, 15:30–17:00 (Europe/London), Room ESA01
Language: English

You've deployed your python app, you sit back and wait for all the users to come and enjoy it, but wait how will you know what is happening 🤔

Observability is an important part of operating a deployed service. This workshop will help you get started with instrumenting your application with metrics, scraping and storing them in a time series database and finally building dashboards.

Starting with a small python application we will first add metrics, expose them and then show participants how they can capture these in a time series database like prometheus. Lastly we will walk participants through building a metrics dashboards. Along the way we will discuss what makes a meaningful metric and why having observeability is so important.


For this workshop you will need Python 3.10, Poetry, Docker and Docker Compose running on your machine. (on mac os docker-compose is by default installed with Docker)

Experience Level

Basic to Intermediate

Proposal Level

Intermediate (it is necessary to understand the related bases to go into detail)


Sys / DevOps / Tests / Agile

Chioma is an experienced Software Engineer with a dedicated work ethic, proficient in the complete software development life cycle, including design, development, testing, and maintenance. Her programming style adheres to the DRY principle, and she utilizes agile methodologies to create software that is interactive, dependable, and scalable. She is adept at problem-solving and design thinking, and she is passionate about enhancing user experiences.

Chioma possesses expertise in web application development using a variety of technologies. She is interested in developing highly engaging and interactive software products based on user research and understanding.

In addition to her technical skills, Chioma enjoys sharing knowledge with aspiring tech professionals by mentoring and writing articles. Chioma has been a digital nomad for over a year now and loves to talk about travels.