Behave: Automated Testing of Data Pipelines using BDD
10-08, 10:00–10:35 (Europe/London), Tejita (Room 1.9)
Language: English

Behaviour Driven Development has gained traction as a mainframe tool for automated testing in the agile software development process. In this talk, the aim here is to shed some light upon how it is a welcome addition to the data engineer's toolbox for testing data pipelines and data as a product. Further we'll also see how BDD can act as enabler for GxP process from a regulatory and compliance perspective. We'll do this by using an example of a real world data pipeline, step by step. We'll extensively be using the python framework Behave for the walkthrough and example.


Data Engineering

Proposal Level

Basic (no previous knowledge is necessary)

I am currently working as a Data Engineering Professional at Novo Nordisk. I am inspired by the advancing developments in making computers imitate and understand human language, vision, and intelligence and passionate about building tech that adds value to society.