Maintaining High Code Standards in a Globally Shared Codebase with Over 80 Daily Deployments
10-08, 11:25–12:00 (Europe/London), Patos (Room 0.4)
Language: English

Working on a codebase that is shared among multiple clients, with over 80 daily deployments per client, poses significant challenges in upholding code standards. Given the potential for a single bug to disrupt an entire deployment pipeline, it becomes essential to adopt some precautions and best practices when sharing code across numerous clients engaged in frequent deployments.

During this presentation, we will explore a selection of best practices for code development within a repository used by more than 400 developers across multiple countries. Furthermore, we will engage in a comprehensive discussion addressing the inherent challenges and limitations encountered in this context.

Proposal Level

Basic (no previous knowledge is necessary)


SW Engineering & Architecture

Maria Vicenta is a backend developer at Kraken technologies, based in Valencia.