The coding conventions that makes our lives easier
10-07, 15:30–16:05 (Europe/London), Antequera (Room 1.10)
Language: English

Engineers review code as often as they write it and use a lot of tools to improve this process, such as linters and auto-formatters. One tool that is also very useful is coding conventions. It is a collection of references that can be used during code reviews while also serving as a valuable day-to-day reference and guide for the entire team.

This talk will explore several different conventions from the open-source conventions repository, offering an in-depth exploration of how they improve the quality of the codebase and serve as a tool for knowledge transfer among engineering teams.

The structure of the talk will follow:

  • What are coding conventions, and why do we use them?

  • Examples of some of the most useful coding conventions and how they enhance code quality.

  • How to establish your own coding conventions?

  • How to uphold your coding conventions with the help of linters?

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of coding conventions and how to implement them within their own team.


SW Engineering & Architecture

Proposal Level

Intermediate (it is necessary to understand the related bases to go into detail)

Çağıl is a software engineer based in London. She has been working with Python and Django since 2008.

Currently she is working as a Lead Backend Engineer at Kraken Tech.

She is vice president in Django Software Foundation, co-organiser of London Django Meetup, Pycon Turkey, DjangoGirls Turkey, and a PSF managing member.